Work Experience

Yelp -- Software Developer
San Francisco, CA
8/1/2011 -- Present

IBM -- Software Developer
Littleton, MA
9/21/2009 -- 7/12/2011

RIT/Hallmark -- Researcher
Rochester, NY
6/8/2009 -- 8/16/2009

IBM -- Co-op Pre-Professional Engineer
Rochester, NY
3/10/2008 -- 8/22/2008

IBM -- Co-op Pre-Professional Programmer
Tucson, AZ
6/12/2006 -- 11/17/2006


Rochester Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering
Rochester, NY
Graduated: May 2009
PFOS GPA: 3.05/4.0 -- Presidential Scholarship

Course Work

Computer Science 1 - 4 (Java, C++) -- Data Communication & Networks I & II -- Professional Communications
Science, Technology, Values -- Computer Science Theory -- Software Verification & Validation
Software Architectures -- Software Requirements & Specification -- Software Usability (GUI/HCI)
Software Process -- Project Management -- Principles of Concurrent Software Systems
Embedded & Real-Time Systems (Assembly, QNX, C) -- Computer Organization (CPU Architecture & Design, Assembly, Digital Logic)

Computer Skills

Programming Languages: Java, Ruby, Perl, Python, SQL, Bash, Assembly, C++
Development Software: Vim, Eclipse, Git, Subversion, CVS, ClearCase, Make, Ant, Valgrind, GCC/GDB
Misc: SQLite, Berkley DB, Basic MySql, jUnit, nUnit, HTML, XML, CSS, GitHub, Firebug, Linux
Areas of Knowledge: Software Engineering, Architecture, Concurrent Systems, Internationalization, Usability, Unicode, Network (Programming & Infrastructure), Object Oriented Design, Requirements and Specifications, Formal Verification & Validation, Process & Project Management, UML





Available upon request