is the configuration and source for the site generator that generates this site. The original unprocessed markdown content is available also. This is mainly here so that folks who are interested in how this site is generated can inspect the source/configuration.

Firefox Bookmark

Firefox Bookmark is a small Haskell project for sorting Firefox bookmarks that are in the Firefox backup JSON format.

GTK+ Manga Viewer

GTK+ Manga Viewer is a project that hopes to create a nice GTK+ interface to look up and view various information on Mangas.


hAnidbCli is a work in progress library in haskell for interfacing with the aniDB UDP API.


hComicFetcher is a work in progress webcomic fetcher in haskell for downloading webcomic to disk so that you can browse through them using your preferred image viewer. Or even eventually transfer them to a device such as the kindle.


Karmator is a hackathon project to replace two IRC bot’s karma modules with an unified karma module that has strong parsing support for various form/manner of karmaing.

Python Duplicate Image Finder

Python Duplicate Image Finder is a project in which I test out various approaches for discovering duplicate images and dealing with them.

Ruby Tile engine

Ruby Tile engine is a project in which I did some work on making a barebone little tiling engine in Ruby.

Work Logger

Work Logger is a small work logging application that I wrote because I was tired of manually keeping track of my work logs.