What's this all about?

I created this site in early 2009 so that I could have a central location for all of my thoughts, photographs, and various projects that I've worked on over the years. This site is mainly focused on the various projects that I'm working on, mostly related to Linux, Ruby, Photography, or various other topics.

Who I am

I'm Anja Berens. I was born in 1985 and grew up in Stratton, Colorado, a sleepy little town along Interstate 70 in eastern Colorado. There I attended the Stratton School District, where I graduated in 2003. Shortly thereafter I moved across the country to attend Rochester Institute of Technology. There I majored in Software Engineering with a focus/concentration on: Architecture of the CPU, and the Network & the Internet. I graduated with a B.Sc. in Software Engineering from RIT in May 2009 and am considering returning for graduate studies in Computer Science.

Where I am

I am currently living in San Francisco, California where I am working at Yelp.

What are my interests?

I have varying interests, but the majority of my interest/projects tends to be computer-related such as Linux. I used to have no hobby programming projects unill a friend of mine kicked me in the rear and made me learn Perl for a couple of System Administrator related tasks. From that point on I realized that programming projects did't need to be heavy weight and I rapidly began several projects, mainly in Perl then later in Ruby. After that my interests spread to additional topics such as OpenGL, and various other projects.

I also have a life long interest in photography. I was the young child who would sneak into his parent's closet to play around with the 35-mm Film SLR camera that was being stored there. Through a course in high school I learned all about film photography and the post-processing steps that had to take place after you snapped a shot. In college I was able to finally acquire my first camera, a Canon PowerShoot A620. I began investing a lot of my time and energy into taking photographs of things that inspired me, with a focus in landscape and macro photography. Later on I was starting to feel limited by the inability to swap the lens and its weaker handling of night-time shoots and finally upgraded to a Canon 50D DSLR. Some of my photographs are available in my Gallery.